Collaboration Spotting X

I built the Collaboration Spotting X platform to provide experts with a way of easily interacting and modelling networks visually. I integrated concepts from information retrieval, network analysis, and visual analytics using React, MobX, and FastAPI. It's divided into multiple Docker containers to contain the client-side, server-side, MongoDB database and optionally Matomo, making it easy to develop and deploy. You can easily customize the settings and upload your own data sets as CSV files. Users can retrieve subsets data through an intuitive search interface.


1. Jul 2022

Anonymous Recommender Systems

I conducted two experiments using anonymized interaction data and synthetic data. These experiments aimed to investigate how network data can be used to create viable recommender systems as well as provide users with smart adaptive user interfaces. Part of this work was done in collaboration with another fellow (back then) PhD student. The first experiment explored how anonymized Mattermost data can be used to create a recommender system for Mattermost channels. The second experiment focused on the creation of a recommender system for an adaptive user interface using synthetic interaction data. As part of this setting, I also trained a neural network for recommendations.

Network Analysis

1. Oct 2023


Infret is an educational information retrieval tool that I developed for my master's research project. Through evaluation in multiple university classes, Infret has proven to be a highly effective visualization and exploration tool that is still in use today. My analysis of the usage data and feedback surveys has enabled me to better understand how Infret helps students learn information retrieval concepts and meet their educational needs. Infret was later extended by a master's student under my mentorship with coding features which enable users to write custom IR metrics. It is also in use as part of an Information retrieval class for multiple years and helps students understand various information retrieval concepts.


3. Nov 2023